Today, just half an hour before I finished work I got a headache. It started off slowly but after 20 minutes I was in hell, didn't know what to do. I left work in such pain that I could hardly not see properly anymore... A nice lady that saw I was feeling bad helped me down to the underground and onto my train. For the first time since I'm in Milan there was a problem (a fire) in the tube and it only took me 3 stops where buses were waiting to take people further on. Still with a pain in my front head that made me all dizzy I got up on the street and took a taxi to get home. Came home, took lots of pain killers and went straight to bed and I was lying there for almost an hour before I started to feel better.

I get that kind of headache like 3-4 times a year and it's a living nightmare every time. Don't know if it's real migraine or what it is but it's very scary.

Now my flatmate very nicely fixed tea and sandwiches for me and I gonna start studying.


On my way to work

I miss my friends and family in Stockholm but I'm happy to be back "home". Can't help it, I'm in love with Milan!

But I'm not happy spending the whole day inside at work when it's a lovely sunny and warm day outside, sigh.

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New week just started

This week's gonna be a hard week! I work 6 days out of 7 and I also need to hand in two exams/essays; one in Italian litterature and one in Italian culture. Sign.

Now I'm off to bed, tomorrow I work 11-20, puh!

(John Blund)

Buona notte amici (good night friends)


Ps. Who's John Blund? Am I the only one not remembering him?


Weekend in Stockholm

I had an amazing time in Stockholm, as always. But it was far to short. I didn't manage to see almost anyone and neither do all I wanted but I hope to be back for another weekend soon.

However in the two days I had I managed to sign the contract for my flat so I'm nowadays a lucky flat owner! I also spend as much time as possible with my mum and had a long lunch with dad. Then I managed to find time to see Hanna quickly for a drink, Erika both for a quick "kanelbulle breakfast" and a tapas dinner and Amanda for a coffee at the airport (as she very nicely came to pick me up) and a morning walk with her dog. Plus I had a whole day in Nacka participating at Anna's wedding - amazing day and such a beautiful wedding!

Today it was mother's day and I had a nice brunch in the sun with my mum before heading back to Milan and now I'm here!



Blog break

Tomorrow I'm going to Stockholm for a long weekend packed with family and friends. The main reason for the trip is to (finally) sign a flat contract and to go to my friend Anna's wedding but I hope to have some time to hang out with my family and other friends too.

However, I will take a blog break this weekend. I think I need it, have been blogging quite a lot in the last month so now it's enough for few days. I'll be back Sunday or Monday ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Nice evening with nice friends

Just what I needed after those three hours of hell at work.

I came to old fashion alone but quickly found Sofie and her friends and we had some food together. Then Stefania came and we saw an argentinian dance show, very good. I decided to stay a bit longer than my plan was and I'm happy for that. We danced and had fun. Then Mario came (better late then never...;) and we hanged in the bar for a while. A very good evening with very nice friends.

Now I gonna do some packing before going to bed.


Italian men's fashion...

This is how the guys in the fashion capital Milan dress...

ALL exactly the same; white shirt with thin strips (inside the pants), nice (expensive) belt, nice pair of jeans and often a pair of "car shoe". It's looks actually very very good but I would feel so embarrasted if I would go out with my girl friends dressed exactly the same. Well, Anna, Cicci and I did it when we were 17 years old and travelled abroad to Ibiza for the first time in out life. But we were 17 years old and on holiday, these guys are all between 18-40 years old and they keep dress the same. Lack of fantasy?

The guys on the pic were a gang of maybe 15 guys having a table at Old Fashion tonight, all good looking and looking posh and rich. But common, 13 of the 15 guys looked like twins and me and my friends were laughing.


However I'm in love with the car shoe's. Unfortunately they don't have them in my size but I sooo want them!
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Bad evening so far...

Tonight I only worked three hours. Three very annoying hours. I started of arguing with my colleagee about a barcode... Then I had to listen half an hour to another colleague who's in love with a gay guy, give it up hun... Then I had to spend 20 minutes putting on make up on an old russian woman who in the end just bought a lipgloss, what the f***. Then I was talking to another colleague who suddenly looks at me saying I have put on weight and that I have to stop eating all nice things...I should not eat pasta more than 2 times a week, never a pizza, piadina or pancerotti and absolutely no ice cream... Commom, what's left? Ended my working shift forgetting to close the cash computer so I had to go all the way back when I was already down in the tube. Jezez.

Now I'm off for some free dinner at Old Fashion. With my luck I bet the buffe' is already finished...

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Wanna see...

My work is sponsoring Sex and the city in Italy and a big group of people will go and see it on Friday but I'm away... Buuhuuu...
Maybe I should try to see it in sweden so I can see it in English! (in Italy Sarah Jessica Parken suddenly speaks perfectly italian...) What an amazing idea! I want, I want! But how am I gonna find time for that....?

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Someone has decorated my house...

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Mariles Moller - Fantastic haircare

Some days ago I got some testers of a new haircare product (Marlies Moller) from my colleagaues working for "La Prairie". It's a new haircare series that La Prairie started selling and my colleague gave a me a hair mask to use during a whole night. I used it last night when I came back home and I washed my hair this morning and it's amazing, my hair has never been this soft before. Really to recommend!


Another night @ Just Cavalli

Yesterday was some kind of summer opening party at Just Cavalli so I decided to go. It was nice. They had a massive food buffet and a good live band. Just Cavalli on a Tuesday was better than on a Saturday for sure. Yesterday it was a mix of international students and company parties so it was a very good mix of people.

Just Cavalli is one of Milans most famous and most popular night clubs. It's all outside and it's actually very nice/beautiful. But what I didn't like was the way they divide the club. On Saturday I went in with someone that had a table and we were in the prive' area. My other friends went in on another guestlist and couldn't access the area where I was. Annoying. Then I had some other friends that ended up in the "winter"/restaurant area where there was a 80's party and Sofie and I tried to get down there but we couldn't as we were not on that list. Jezez crist. What's the point of having a big club when they divide it into many mini clubs. No no, no good!

Anyway, yesterday was fun! The whole club was open for everyone and it was more relaxed.



A day in China

Today I woke up early to meet Vale that came to Milan to see me. We went straight to "china town" to go shopping. New experience for me.

China town in London is small, quite nice and full of asian restaurants. China town in Milan is massive. Lots of streets packed with ugly small shops and restaurants. They sell lots of crap but if you're lucky you can find amazingly nice things for very very low prices. I was looking for a dress for next weekends wedding but no success.

Had a very fun day though walking around in the stores trying on millions of things. We also managed to eat a massive chineese meal and afterwards we both felt sick, haha.

Good day!!

Now I gonna go home and rest and decide what to do tonight. Choosing by football tournament/picnic in the park, movie evening or aperitivo at just cavalli...

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Italian Bank Accounts

Today has been a long day but a quite good day. I managed to do lots of things and I feel satisfied.

This morning I started to look around online to finally choose an Italian bank account.It's a big jungle and I didn't have a clue where to start. All my friends has suggested different banks but none of them looked overly good. Some where to expensive, others hardly had any branches or they didn't exist outside Milan.... big mess.

I guess you swedish and english people who reads this might wonder what the h*** I'm talking about but this is the truth. Here in Italy you pay to open an account, you pay a monthly fee to have an account, you pay to have a credit card, you pay to withdraw money from other cash machines than your own bank, you pay for the internet banking etc etc. Doesn't make sense for me.

In Sweden (I have Nordea) I pay to have my credit card but that's it. I can then withdraw for free not only at all cash machines in Sweden but also within all Euro countries. Bank transfers in europe the same. The only bad thing with my swedish account is that the interest is very low... with the same amount on my swedish savings account I get the same interest in one year that I get in one month in England.

In England it's quite hard to open a bank account but then it's possible to have everything for free, including debit and credit cards. I withdraw for free within UK, to withdraw abroad cost between £2-£5. But the interest is very good. I just have a normal savings account and it's good so image the real savings accounts.

However Italy is as with everything else a bit behind and the banks charge you instead of giving interest and I just have to accept that fact. Today I finally took the decision to open my first Italian bank account and I choose Barkley's Italia. The only bank none of my friends had recommended.. haha. They have a branch just next to my house and the account was quite cheap so I'm happy! And even happier that I finally got it, an own italian bank account, wee :)




It's Monday!! New week, jippi yeeey!!
I can't remember being this happy because it's Monday before, but today I am! I woke up feeling releif and glad, new week and everything is back to normal.

The weekend was wierd... Feelings pumping my head to its limit and I couldn't neither think clear or sleep properly. But tonight I slept very well! The main reason for the distruction left the country and now my life is back to normal. Sad in one way but for me it's good!

Time to go and withdraw a cheque with my April's sallary (I'm a bit late), then I gonna try to open an Italian bank account. Outside it's 32 degrees and a lovely blue sky and I really don't fancy doing all this boring things but I really have to. Not to mention that I need to hand in my exam (hemtenta) before midnight - I almost forgot about it =S

Have a great Monday folks :)



Globe Launge Bar

Today was a bad day at work! I hardly sold anything, it was boiling hot and I was dying. Thanks god Giose came to visit and kept me company for a while... I was so happy when I at 8pm finally finished and Tamara came to pick me (and Giose) up to go for aperitivo. She took as to an amazing bar called Globe restaurant and launge bar. The aperitivo was quite expensive but they had a very nice buffe' and their cocktails were yammi. Nice and relaxing evening, just what I needed. Now it's time for a movie.

Buona notte amici


The spring is here?

It's just above 30 degrees inMilan today and my colleagues says the spring finally arrived... The spring?? I was out for 40 minutes eating a MC Donalds meal and I was dying. It's gonna be interesting to see how hot it gets here in July/Auugust...

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Who's the DJ?

All day yesterday and all morning today my lovely work plays the same 6 songs on repeat...
- Celebration - Kool & the gang
- Empire state of mind - Jay Z
- Closer - Ne yo
- Fight for love - Cheryl Cole
- Fly high - Shaggy
- ...and another techno song screaming never be the same, donno who's singing.
Quite good songs but common, in such a fancy department store can't they afford to get some more CD's?? My head is going mental!
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Crazy Interisti

Wow wow wow! In one night half italy transformed into Inter fans and went out partying in central Milan. I'm at home now but it was a scen to remember forever. I only managed to find Kendra and her flatmate in the crowd, no Mario and his gang that I was supposed to meet up.

As they closed the tube thanks to the mess I had to take the tram to get home and everywhere there were cars honking with flags all over and people hanging out of the windows or even sitting on the roof of the cars. Madness.

It was fun anyway, lots of fun! Now I gonna eat some "skorpor" and have a camomille tea before I hit my bed. As I couldn't sleep last night I'm now exhaused and I hope to be able to sleep better tonight. How my world could turn up side down in a day is unbelivible, don't understand it myself, and this time Mr B is not here to take my thoughts away.... I'm all by myself!



Goal on piazza duomo

Jeeeezez this is maaad. Fires, gun shots and tousands of people. the volue of people screaming and singing is lauder than in a night club. Better be careful here...

Ole ole ole
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Inter inter inter

Suddenly thet are everywheRe. Normally I hate seeing them but today it's amazing. Never in my whole life seen anything like this. They are tousands on piazza duomo, around the church and outside my department store; singing, screaming and honking. My colleagues are going mad but I like it. I love football events like this!

What a day... Keep getting compliments for my tan and my new hair style, was invited out for dinner by "Mr beautiful" (a guy everyone likes at work but according to me is Mr player (I said no;) and outside its the biiiiig foorball party. Why am I not happy?

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