Abercrombie store Milan

Today we happen to pass the Abercrombie store by change and decided to go in... Big adventure. I hate the abercrombie perfume and normally I don't go mad for the abercrombie clothes either but today I liked it. The Abercrombie & Fitch store in Milan is the biggest Abercrombie store I've ever seen. Three floors and at least 8 rooms with clothes on every floor, gigantic. And the most interesting thing was that half of this gigantic store was kids and youth clothes and just some smaller parts had the normal sizes. All small Italian women bought their American abercrombie clothes from the kids department, so funny. Anyway, I did the same. My wardrobe is now a Abercrombie hoodie richer, but I have to wash it before using it and until I wash it I will leave it in the bag on the balcony, can't stand the smell, haha.

Time to follow Marie Therese to the tube, she's going back to London, buuhuu :(

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  1. haha, du borde nog hinna ner och halsa pa mig o shoppa loss sjalv innan jag kommer till sthlm igen!!

    Sa, dags att boka resa till Milano for att shoppa lite amerikanska klader ;-) Common!


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