Best aperitivo in Milan

...so far!

Yesterday after work I met Norma and her friends for an aperitivo in bar/ristorante Rosa close to where I work. SUCH a nice place. It's the prive' bar of Rosa Grand - Stars Hotel so a very posh and elegant place. But I was mostly impressed of the food buffe!

For whoever doesn't know the aperitivo trend in north Italy I can give you a quick explanation. Lots of bar is having aperitivo/happy hour between 7pm-10;30pm, you buy a drink and then you can pick some snacks from a little food buffe. Sometimes it's just snacks and sometimes in more like a dinner buffe.

Yesterday it's was absolutely a dinner buffe. First they had lots of food; like different warm and cold pastas, pizzas, small calzones, home made ravioli, salads, rice dishes, meat, hams, cheeses etc etc. Then after 10pm they served dessert; different cakes, brownies, panna cotta, ice cream, tiramisu etc. After that they served the fruit; looots of fresh pineapples, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, melon and other fruits.

The cocktails were quite expensive, £12, but common you got a very nice dinner for that price too!


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