Big cleaning among my "friends"

Ok, I had enough. After a sleepless night after receiving such stupid text from a drunkie yesterday evening I decided I had enough! There are three people, quite close friends, that I have realised are taking so much more energy from me than they give.... I like them, I care about them and I give my all to be nice but I mostly I just get shit back and it keeps making me sad and angry. I have so many nice friends that really care about me so I really don't need people like that in my life!

These three have three things in common, they are all guys, all Italians and thanks god none of them live in Milan even if they all have connections with this city. Nr 1 is just a big liar, Nr 2 is careless, heartless and the most selfish person I've ever met and Nr 3 showed me last night what an idiot he is.

So now I decided to have a big break from all three and even if I know it's gonna be hard I already feel relieved!



  1. Thinking of doing that too, it is hard but sometimes neccesary. But you will stay on my list, just wish we were closer or richer ;)


  2. I hope I'm not one of them... But I'm not Italian, haha.
    I care about you :)

  3. du gor helt ratt.... lagg energi pa de som fortjanar det, inte freaks hihihi


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