I love dancing! I've always done and will always do!

Yesterday night I went to see a dance show where my friend Stefi was part of. It was all kinds of dances (Stefi danced salsa) and I really enjoyed it.

After the show they had a nice buffe followed my party. All dancers obviously started dancing but as I can't dance all these kinds of pair dances I tried to hide in the corner. I didn't really manage to hind and after a while I was dancing around with really good dancers and all I had to do was just to follow. I had a awesome time!

That's something that really impress me; guys that can dance! It doesn't happen very offen in Sweden. In London you could find them but it was not the Britts... The more south in Europe you come the better the guys gets in dancing and here in Italy there are a lots of good dances. I love it! :)

Time to go to work!


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