The days pass to quickly

(Pic: Steffi working hard with my CV :)

Can't believe another day is gone... Feels like I just got up in the morning but it's actually past midnight.

Valentina woke me up at 9am but I stayed in bed until 11am. Had a long brunch with Francesca before going out.

Hanged out in the chinese district with Una and Kendra for four hours, just walking around, looking in stores and eating some food.

Tonight I invited Stefania over for dinner and then we tried to book our holidays (didn't manage as my internet didn't work at usual) and we also stated translating my CV (which is in English) into Italian and make it in the proper European format. Really hard work and we only manage to do half of it.

Now I just had a camomille tea with Lu and soon I'm off to bed.

Good night and sweet dreams.
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