Good and bad day!

Tonight I had plans going to the famous beach club with Francesca and her spanish friends. I had everything done, lovely dress and high heals in the bag and make up fixed by the make up artist.... but whoever knows me must also know that as Italy is out of the world cup I'm depressed and I can't go out partying, no no. Instead I'm at home, gonna clean my room, make a nice face mask and watch some gossip girls - bloody crapy but adictive TV series, haha. No way I party a day like this!

However even if the day was bad for Italy I had a very good day at work and my managers are really really happy with me. I sold more in a day than we normally do in a week, almost :) I started of a promotion selling my favourite perfume together with a nice beach bag, and I promise I can sell bags ;)

(old pic)


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  1. Well done! It's good to hear that you're doing so well at your job :) Ohh... and sorry, about the game. I personally support Slovakia and Argentina in this tournament so for me it was a good thing but I can understand that you (and all Italians) are gutted. Spain has to win tonight's game so my guess is that the whole country will stand still from 20.30 onwards.

    Have a nice weekend,


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