Grande serata

Yesterday night was a good night. I was tired to death so I first didn't wanna go out but in the end I did and now I'm happy for it. It was me, Marie Therese and Stefania... good team :)

First we a small dinner in my place and then we went to Danielle + friend's birthday-sangria-picknick-party in a park close to where I live.

After that the three of us went to my place to get change and then we went to 'Karma' to meet Guffi and his friends. I don't know why but Guffi managed to get his table just next to the dance floor where they had a foam party, haha. All around that table were obviously nicly dressed up and didn't wanna ruin our clothes in the foam so we had to stay dancing around the table all night as the whole dance floor was packed with foam. It was nice to see the crazy foam dancers though but I'm glad I kept myself outside it.

Very very good night (no good pics though, snyft)

Now I gonna wake Marie Therese up and bring her for brunch at Panino Giusto.

Have a good Sunday folks.


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