I work as a beauty consultant for Louis Vuitton!

Italians love talking about themselves!

...and they are very good at making everything sound exceptionally good... it sounds like they are all top managers for the best companies earning lots of money more and less. But in reality most of them just have normal jobs just that they are so good at promoting themselves, pushing the best sides of themselves and their professional occupation.

I remember when Johanna and I met Nicola in London the first time, he told us he was a marketing manager working for Louis Vuitton. Johanna who's very into the fashion industry was overly impressed! Later on I found out that he's actually works as a marketing associate for Acqua di Parma (who's owned by Louis Vuitton). Still a very good job but the name Louis Vuitton obviously impress the girls more ;-)

Unfortunately I'm not that good at it. When people ask me what I do I just say I work as a shop assistant at Rinascente but when asking my colleague the answer is that she works as a make up artist for Givenchy (we do the same job).

Today I had a look at my contract and my job title is beauty consultant / assistente di vendita and my employer is Louis Vuitton Italia - Givenchy is part of the Louis Vuitton group, LVMH. So that's what I should say to promote myself a little bit more... haha.


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  1. hehe känner igen det där. Italienare ÄR tvärtemot svenskar i fråga om att presentera sig själva. Uppfriskande!;-)Svar på din fråga: Det finns många stränder runtom kring Rom. Dock 40 min bilväg bort=) Santa marinella till exempel. Helt ok!


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