Italian dating rules

Today I got my forth lesson in "Italian dating"... in other words, what guys to date and how.
I got my first two lessons during my first week in Milan, the third when I started at Rinascente and today my forth... Four completely different girls are telling me more and less the same things and I'm chocked. Being Swedish this sounds like a big joke but when talking about it with girls here in Milan they just smile and nod.

Here are the rules... The guy should;
- come form a wealthy family!
- be rich himself
- have a good degree, preferably from Bocconi University or even better from a private school abroad
- have a good job (doesn't matter if he works 24/7, he just has to earn good money)
- he should a l w a y s pay for you. A guy should never let the girl pay not even an ice cream.
- Personality wise the only important thing was that he's generous....
- Three of the girls also told me the guys needs to be tall, naturally skinny with nice eyes ( thanks I'm 157 myself ;-) - they think about how their kids will look like....

Like you can see mostly all about money!

While in Sweden the girls are looking for the perfect father for their kids the girls here in Italy are looking for a man that can pay for everything for her and the kids.

I find it really interesting to discuss this with people, especially people from other cultures than me. In Sweden life is so easy, money doesn't have the importance that it has here in Italy and also in England. A career woman in Italy can't have a family so it's all up to the man to gain the good money (will write about that another time). You have to pay for the school and all the school books so having a kid is very very expensive. And here you don't get the benefits for your kids like you do in Sweden and even in UK. Well, you can see yourself why the Italian girls M U S T think about how rich their future husband is. It's so sad. Don't know what else to say.

Anyway looks like the older we get, girls (and guys?) prioritize of what kind of life they can have with a specific person in the future. It's not about much love and attraction anymore. I don't want it to be that way. I'm the romantic swede that want to be with whoever I love, no matter other problems. But hey, maybe it's good. I had my lesson that love gave me more pain than happiness so maybe I should go for something else next time? maybe a geek taking care of my future kids? or a rich man buying Bvlgari jewels to me?
Jezez, I rather be alone!



  1. Stockholmstjejen som inte insett att även i Stockholm handlar det om pengar. I Sverige kan man inte ens jobba sig rik som man kan i "vanliga" länder, utan man måste vara född rik, så välj din man med omsorg!

  2. precis... i london kan man jobba ett ar pa en bank och sedan kopa sig en shysst lagenhet... skaffa sig ett riktigt bra liv... i sverige skattar man bort alla pengar... sa galler att hitta dem som har pengar investerade utomlands... hihi :o)

  3. Jag håller med haha. Bästa alternativet är att hitta en Svensk kille och bo utomlands! Sveriges förmögenhetsskatter är ju vansinniga. Tur att mina pengar ligger i trygga Barkley´s händer!

  4. quindi parlare con 4 sfigate ti dà il diritto e la sicurezza di affermare che le italiane sono gold diggers?? Le tue generalizzazioni, lezioncine antropologiche da Novella2000 e la tua spocchia riportatele da dove cazzo sei venuta.

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