I like to laugh

Yesterday night Stefi and I decided to do something different. We were invited for dinner in Rho so we took the car and went there. Rho 30 min outside Milan.

I'm glad we did! We had such a funny evening. Can't remember when I laughed as much as I did yesterday.

Giose's flat is boiling hot, they cooked spagetti carbonara and some fried vegitables and served red wine. Very nice but we were all dying of the heat after such heavy dinner. Then the guys played some guitarr and we all sang lots of old classics together before the neighbours complained. Then we put on a Italian comedy movie and we all fell asleep on top of eachother...

Such strange evening but so much fun!

Slept until 1pm and now it's time to get ready. Today I was supposed to be off but as I'm going to Rome next week I said I could work some hours today. Working with Stefania (her last day buuu) and Illaria today so it's gonna be fun!


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