A day at the LVMH head office

The course that my manager said would be for just an hour or two ended up lasting all day. The Guvenchy head office was actually LVMH head office with Givenchy, Dior, Acqua di Parma, Guerlain and Kenzo all nest to eachother, sucj nice office. Would be my dream to work there!
The course was nice. Even if I already been working there and already knew most of the products I learned lots new about skin/face treatment and we also had a quick make up course.
For lunch I went with all the girls working for Givenchy to a little family trattoria next to the office having a very nice lunch.
Before leaving they told me I could choose some products so I got my favourite perfume, a face cream, face masks and the make up I like most plus some t shirts and jewels. I love presents and I am so happy :-)
Tonight I'm going to fancy party in a big villa somewhere with Valentina so now I need to get ready...
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