My weekend

ok, as I haven't been at home a single second this weekend and my phone on saturday was dead and yesterday I was dead I didn't manage to update the blog this weekend. however my weekend was great!

friday evening I had dinner and watched a movie at home with some friends.

saturday; I worked all day and straight afterwards I went to stefi for some snacks and coke before going to Karma. we had fun, mostly because we knew lots of people there... francesca was there with all her spanish friends and obviously guffi and marco had their table so we enjoyed. however, it was raining so instead of the beautiful dancefloors they have outside they opened 7 of the dancefloors inside and it was not was nice as outside. also, there were lots of wierd people around... terroni like the posh italians like to call them ;) came back home at 05.30 in the morning, just a little bit tired....

pics from karma; me & stefi, stefi & marco and me & luca.

sunday; worked all day and in the evening I went out with Stefi as it was her birthday. guffi and marco recommened a place called Bobino. we came there and it looked like a normal pub/bar... but the aperitivo they had was amazing. freshly grilled vegitables, meat, salsiccie plus sallads, wood oven baked pizzas, ham, cheeses etc etc. so nice! and all for just 8euro. then at 10.30 the buffe suddenly was gone and a capoeira dance show started. then at 11pm the calm little pub transformed into a disco and everyone danced with everyone. felt like being at a privat party as people walked around saying hi and introducing themselves. so cool place. and very mixed people. some older business men, some young crazy asian girls, one big table with extremly skinny (but good looking) models, a table with posh italians etc etc. we didn't stay out very late but we had really lots of fun!

...a weekend full of friends and parties, but I didn't drink a single nip of alcohol, as usual :)

today work all day and tonight i'm havning my resting monday evening. need to check few things online then it's time for a episode of gossip girls before sleeping.


(ps. I manged to spill tea on my pc so I can no longer wrinte any capital letters...)

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