Priorities in life

Remeber this discussion on my blog last year... how we prioritise in life!? what's most important for ourselves; family, career, free time etc?

Tonight the discussion came up here in Italy as well after watching an episode of gossip girls with some friends. Firstly we discussed what kind of priorities we would do ourselves but more interesting, what kind of prioritises do we want our partners to have. In Italy money is important so it was very interesting to hear what the girls said...

I guess many young italian guys would put money or career on top of their lists, that's how they are raised to think. And they better do because many girls are choosing their guys in how much money they have. For a romantic Swede like me this sounds just terrible, I wanna believe in love and that loves solves all problems.... However my friends believe that when the little boys grows up they will realise that there are other things in life that comes first, but the experiences I have of the career Italians I doubt actually that.

Anyway, after some discussions tonight we all agreed that parter, family and friends will always be the most important elements in our lives. And we also agreed that if a guy would would think that money and career is more important in life than his family it must be something wrong in his head. As both my friends that was here tonight are having boyfriends they will now ask their partners to do the list, can't wait to hear it, but I know it's gonna be arguments ;)

Watch episode 16 of Gossip girls season 3 (you can see it here) and you see how career guys prioritise in life. Think twice before choosing your boyfriends girls...


Ps. Interesting to read, here!


  1. Oh you must update us when their partners have answered.

  2. hihi, jag minns det dar... intressant som sjutton... men var det inte din kille som satte just career som nummer 1?? :o)

    wow, live gossip girls online. ska kolla hela season 3 nu!


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