Spent the evening crying

The first two weeks of this years I cried like mad (different reasons) and then I stopped! Except few tears when watching Gossip girls or nice movies I haven't cried since beginning of the year, until today...

Tonight, as I'm not feeling very well, I stayed home so I decided to watch the movie "A walk to remember" that I bought some time ago when I friend recommended it. She said it was sad but she could have warned me a bit more. I cried though the whole second half of the movie and also afterwards, jezez. Only time this happened before was when I saw "The Notebook" for the first time. That time I had Kristofer drying my tears with a whole bath towel, tonight I was alone. But I think that was good, whoever would have seen me tonight would have thought I'm completely mad, haha.

"Love is like the wind. you cant see it, but you can feel it"

Now, as my eyes are crazily swollen, my nose all blocked and my stomach aches so much I can hardly sit or stand up I think I gonna hit my bed....

Good night


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