Time to move?

I like my flat here in Milan. It's located in a quiet area with both busses, trams and underground very close. I also like my flatmates and my room.

But what I don't like is that there are people walking in with own keys from time to time. It's been a painter, someone to fix the floor, someone to fix the doors etc etc. Then, worst of all the landlady who lives in Genoa comes whenever she wants, she takes what she wants from the fridge and doesn't even appologize. I can't stand it anymore!

This morning I was like always dancing around in just underwear when I hear the keys in the door and I had to hide in my room.

I understand that all these people are there to fix the flat, make it better for us living there but common, at least someone can tell me before there will come people to my home...

I'm not happy and for sure I will start looking around for a new room somewhere! But I will miss my flatmates :(

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