Top 12 Perfumes for women (Summer 2010)

Working in the perfume sector I start becoming an expert in fragrances and I actually like it.
Both Josefine and MIA asked me more and less when I started working for Givenchy to make my own perfumes top 10. It took me a while to make it but here we go;

1. Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

2. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

3. BLV eau d'ete by Bulgari

4. Miss Dior Cherie by Dior

5. Lola by Marc Jacobs

6. Ange au demon le secret by Givenchy

7. F for Fascinating by Salvatore Ferragamo

8. Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren

9. Touch of pink by Lacoste

10. Envy me by Gucci

11. Burberry Summer 2010 by Burberry

12. Eau des Jardins by Clarins

Except Lola and Envy all these perfumes are tipical fresh summer fragrances, so my top 12 list might change in a while :)

I got four of these perfumes myself and now I'm crazy to get Daisy. Think I'm getting addicted o perfumes, haha.

For men it's a bit harder but I will try to make a top 5 in a while, just need to do some research at work first.



  1. Jag har 1, 4, 10 och 11 + vanliga RL Romance :)

  2. Åh, du är underbar! Tack!
    Jag har 8 och 9 :) Ska nog försöka köpa 1an, 2an eller 3an då! Kan tänka mig att Chanel är väldigt dyr och Bvlgari med för den delen, eller?

  3. Jaa den har ju jag med förstås :) RL Romance.

  4. I am not using any signature scents but I think I may try this BLV eau d'ete by Bulgari. Where I can find to buy this? Thanks.

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  5. Oh, I love that one! I would say the best way is to order it from the website:


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