work or vacation?

Dilemma... I've been offered to stay with Givenchy at Rinascente until the end of the year. I can't understand why they like me so much but I guess I just fits perfectly into the rinascente world!?

As the unemployment in Italy is extremly high and most of my international friends that have been looking for job for months are still umemployed, I should be jumping up and down of happiness getting this offer. I got a job after only 3 week in Italy and now they are so satisfied having me there that they wanna keep me. Of course I'm pleased bur the problem is that if I accept I won't get any holidays at all. I will be working only 30 hours a week but all Sundays (which is good as they pay more on Sundays) but hey, not even a single weekend of holiday!?
If they sign me for 6 months until the end of the year they can't break the contract (Italian working laws) but I can leave with one month notice... I think...!? So I guess I have to choise, I have to accept.

My croatian sailing holiday dreams with my friends will now be crossed :(


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