10 million things to do

Today I'm off work. And as it's the first time in many weeks I have a day off, and I'm not away (In Rome, Stockholm, Genova, Como etc) I have a loong list of things I need to do.

But as always when the to do list is too long I don't fancy doing any of it. If it would had been one or maybe two things I had to do it would have been easier but now it's loads and I find it hard to get on with them.

I also need to go out buying food (haven't done that in two weeks time) and go to some stores and buy other things. I normally love shopping but not today. Sigh.

Hmm... I'll start by having a nice breakfast now, then we'll see ;)


1 comment:

  1. snygging och underbar klänning!=)
    Sv: Staden jag bor i heter Civitavecchia och är en hamnstad cirka 45 min från Rom. Den sista bilden är alltså här från Rom


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