Always have a plan C

Tonight I spend the evening at Tamara's place girl talking for hours. Very nice. Sometimes I just need that, sit in a cozy sofa and let everything out.... Talking about things makes me smarter - it makes me realise things like a wake up call. Now I think I know how I will solve a little problem I have with someone... but anyway, when its guys involved you never know if your plans will work, better both have a plan A, B and C.

Now I should sleep but I don't want to. Just got home and I fancy being awake for a while. All I do in this flat is sleeping, never have time for anything else and I really like that. Tomorrow is Friday and I will obviously go out but on Saturday (as that's one of the worst evenings to go out in this city) I think I will plan a little movie evening at home. Oh yea I will, I gonna buy myslef a new Italian movie and stay home eating "chips och dipp". Can't wait :)

Good night and sweet dreams my friends.


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  1. just look, looking lovely babe!


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