Good evening at work

Tonight I worked only four hours, which is perfect. If I work more than six hours I always get such pain in my feet (as I always have to be standing up) but four hours like tonight is great.

Today when I got there I got so upset... I got back from my holiday and the first thing I had to hear is negative critics saying I was coming back to work with black skin (tanned) and blond hair (slightly lighter than earlier)... In the beauty world neither the skin or the hair should get in touch with the sun or salty water but I didn't really follow those rules, hehe.

However, after the bad start of my working shift everything just got better and better. I worked with a make up artist (a gay guy) who's traveling around Italy for Givenchy and we had soo much fun together. When he left at 8pm I started selling instead and I more than hit the target of the day, alone! So tomorrow my manager will get very happy!

After work, I finished at 22, I walked home fastly to talk with my mum on skype for 1,5 hour. We don't talk very often so when we talk it gets quite long.

Now I gonna unpack my bag and then go to bed. I am really really tired. The pics I promised will be posted tomorrow morning.

Baci e buona notte!


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