A great shoe doctor!

After four months in Milan I finally have found a shoe repair with human prices. Firstly the shoe repairs are veeeery hard to find (whish is wierd in the shoe country no 1) and secondly the ones I had found so far was extremly expensive (like €15 to change a small heel) and I refused to pay that.

BUT two days ago Johanna and I found this tiny little shoe repair on the street I take when walking to work. so yesterday I brough four pairs of completly destroyed shoes to him (his last day of working before the holiday) and he told be to pick them up this morning (he would go to work only for me). But when I came this morning his shop was closed, I started sweating thinking I wouldn't see my four pairs of shoes for the whole summer.... But then the tiny little man showed up from nowhere. He's tall like me - he looks like the teacher in Clueless/Mrs Waldorf's new huband in GG (same actor) and he's telling jokes I didn't understand a word of.

But I got my shoes fixed and I only paid €23 for all of them! Looks like he's done a really good job as he fixed the whole shoes not only the heel I asked for. Great start of the day!

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  1. Hi Marliina : )

    Can you please send me the street ? I'm an erasmus girl with a pair of boots completely destroyed, I would love your help !!

    Grazie mille


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