The end of a fantastic week

This week has been absolutely amazing, I've been enjoying every second of it. I feel so happy.

This is Sofie and I in the park tonight, before the worst rain... even if we were already really wet here too :)

After the game I got back home, had a shower and put on some cozy clothes. I ate some swedish lantchips and saw an episode of gossip girls, I'm on episode 20 now... tam tam tam tam.

Now I gonna sleep and for once there are actually some air in the room. The rain was good for something...

I'm sSharing an old and nice Italian song by Lunapop before going to bed. It reminds me of me and Naty driving around singing like mad some years ago.


~ Qualcosa di grande tra di noi - Lunapop ~


  1. Ciao! caloroso saluto.
    il tuo blog sembra piacevole.

    Se siete alla ricerca di carattere univoco, è possibile visitare il nostro sito web.

    Con i migliori saluti;

  2. Du verkar ha ett javligt kul liv. Good for you girl.

  3. ohhh vilken fin song
    MIA like :o)


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