A piece of me

I have a reader on this blog that must love lists more than I do as she keeps sending me lists to post on the blog. Normally they are in Swedish so I rearly post them but yesteday she sent one in english so... here I go;

1. Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?

Yes, but I never did and thanks god for that!

2. Does a kiss make you feel better?

Mostly yes but it depends who's kissing me ;)

3. Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?


4. Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?

Always like 1 minute before, donno why. Bad habit.

5. What did you do today?

So far I've had breakfast, I cleaned my room and I have uploaded 100 pics on facebook. Hard day!

6. Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?
Don't think so...?

7. Have you had more than 3 boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time?

Ehh, no!?

8. Have you ever thought about your death?

Yea, kind of...

10. Would you rather be in a permanent relationship or play the field?

Hmm, right now play the field in a year or two for sure permanent relationship!

11. What is your favorite sport to watch?


12. What color is your shower curtain?


13. What’s your favorite season?


14. How long ago did you hug someone?

Two days ago. In italy we normally kiss, not hug. Ohh, I miss all the hugs I used to get from my friend.

15 Favorite sports team?
As Roma and AIK

16 State you most want to visit?
State? In America then? Hmm... I guess california! And maybe I will do it soon :))

17 When do you shower?
Normally in the evenings but in this heat I shower at least twice a day

18 What’s your dream job?
Hmm.. working in HR for a well orginized and developed company like Google or LVMH.

19. Are you a good liar?

No, absolutely not.

20. Best TV show at the moment?
Guess I have to say Gossip girl, but nothing will ever beat sex and the city.

21. Have you ever given money to a homeless person?


22. Have you ever run over an animal?


23. Is there someone you want to punch right now?
Oh yes!!

24. Have you ever had an Oreo with peanut butter?

No, what's that?

25. What are you doing this moment?
Filling in this list, doh!

26. Would you kiss someone of the same sex for 100 bucks?

Yea sure, no problem!

27. Where’s your favorite place to be?


28. What’s your favorite song?

Amici mai - Antonelli Venditti

29. Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?
Neither! I'm addicted to fruit juices!

30. Have you ever thrown shoes on a telephone wire?


31. Who was the last text message in your phone from?


32. Does your best friend have a boyfriend or girlfriend?


33. Do you dream in black and white?


35. Do you snore?


36. Have you ever thought about being a model?


37. Type your name into Google. What’s the first link that pops up?

My facebook page

38. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Dogs, as I'm mega allergic to cats.

39. Have you ever gotten a mosquito bite on your face?

Guess so but I don't remember it...

40. What are you afraid of?


41. What does the 10th text message in your inbox say?
"Marii bella, come va? Sono fuori rinascente. Esci?"

42. What does the 10th message in your outbox say?

"Ok perfect, see you later. Baci"

43. Do you like someone?


44. Do they know you like them?

Donno and I don't care ;)


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