Pit stop at home

In the end I came back to Milan to late to be able to go down to Genova. Instead I got home, unpacked my things, had a lovely shower with total body peeling, repacked my bag and now I'm reading e-mails and updating my blog :)

The days in Jesolo were amazing. So nice to have few days away from the city and share such an amazing time with Stefania. Jesolo was much nicer than I thought. A bit too turistic but very clean, orginized and quite posh. I really wanna go back.

We took over 150 pictures during these three days (I know I'm mad) and here are just a few.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking the train at 08am to Monterosso with is part of the cinque terre. I already been once with Martin in 2004 but I'm looking forward to go there tomorrow again.


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