Pool Party in Novara

Don't really know how but yesterday, in stead of going dancing at First Floor, we eneded up on a Pool- , BBQ- , and Birthday party outside Novara somewhere. It was Mario who used his charm to convince me to bring my girls to this party, that he said was just outside Milan... We ended up going more than an hour outide Milan.

...But we had fun!! :))

Me and my girls

Birthday Cake

Pool Party at 01am... (I did not have a bath)

Instead Johanna and I ended up in a hard ping pong game!
This is our teams

Italian way of drinking the after dinner liquer - Limoncello...?

Now I'm off to work...............



  1. who da fukk is Mario? Don't like him, doesn't fit a suggartop like u....

  2. ahh va kul ni se ut att ha vill oxa vara med
    tycker killen din ar jatte snygg jag haller inte med j-a hihihi :o)

  3. just think she fitted better with her tiny little ex than this fake blue eye man, mohahah
    Who r u mia, do we know u?

  4. ciao, come stai?
    caloroso saluto per la tua famiglia ^_^

    Spero che si guadagna di più successo!

  5. jo exet var gullig men det e ju ett ex verkar ju finas fler godbitar i italien som den har till ex hihi :o)


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