A really good friend

You know you're having a really good friend when this person with just a few words can change your mood complately..

I've had a really bad evening... work was crap, I realised my company haven't paid me (don't ask what's their problem this time), I got bad news in regards to the holiday I booked today and I had to wait 30 minutes for the tram to arrive as they had taken one out of service thanks to an accident. Then I get home just to realise they have added one more locker on our door so I couldn't get in.

When I finally got in I rushed into my room like an angry bee ready bee ready to hit whoever would come in my way. After few minutes I hear someone knocking my door... if I had a gun I guess I would had used it at this point... Francesca comes in and with just a few words she's changing everything. Thanks a good friend!!!

Now I gonna eat my ham and melon and watch an episode of gossip girls. Nr 21 tonight.

Buenos noches people.



  1. a list of good friends that would spill their lives for u would be long. u should be happy babe. look at what u got, not what u miss.

  2. Duff duff hopp hopp


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