Sex and the city 2


It's been more than a month since the new Sex and the City movie came out and I managed to see it today...

First I was supposed to see it in Stockholm with Erika but the tickets were sold out. Then I was supposed to see it on the international cinema in Milan with Norma but again the tickets were sold out. And now I've been waiting for three weeks to see it with my manager Paola and my ex colleague Stefania G... All three of us been away on different small trips so it's been hard to get us together but tonight finally we managed!

The movie was nice, much better than I thought (as I read so much bad about it) but for sure it was not as good as the series or the first movie. But I enjoyed it a lot anyway!

After the cinema the three of us went for aperitivo at Frank, a fancy bar close to Porta Venezia.

Nice girl evening!

My manager Paola on the left and my ex colleague/friend Stefania on the right.


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