Yesterday was a good day!

Johanna's first day in Milan was great. I followed her to school and waited for her class to sleep. Then we went for past lunch at Ristorante Pepe followed by few hours shopping. We also managed to pass Amorino for a delicious icecream.

Yesteday night we went to Wasabii Bar Moda for sushi aperitivo. Then Andrea came to join us for some drinks before all three of us went to my place to wait for Matteo.

The four of us had a good evening, talking and laughing :)) Now I miss old times a bit.

However, I'm the lucky one. I'm regulary in touch with Johanna, I meet Andrea almost every week and in September Matteo should be moving to Milan. Fingers crossed.

Today I'm crazily tired and I'm upset because my room that yesterday was very clean and orginized now is a big mess and it smells like a "Acqua ti Gio perfume" fabric.

I'm also in a hurry because in 3840 minutes I have to catch the train to go to Como. I better hurry up to kick Matteo out of his bed to make a move :)


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