Ape @ Van Gogh Cafe' with Stefii

Pic from Van Gogh Cafe tonight. Its becoming one of my favourite bars here in Milan so you'll see more of it.

Today we decided that we gonna go away Friday - Saturday, but we don't know where... The sea side? Gardaland? Miralandia? Or maybe go to a city like Venice or something...? Donno. Tomorrow we need to book anyway...

Now I gonna study one hour before going to bed. Tomorrow morning I need to be at work early...

Sharing one of my favourite songs in these days. Most Italian guys will die when I say that as they hate this song but I love it!!! Listen to it, it's so sweet.

Laku noc to all of you (good night in croatian:)


~ Valerio Scanu - Tutte Le Volte Che ~

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