Different but good saturday night

Today I had another of those amazing days at work. I sold ok, or actually quite good to be in Milan the 14th of August. But what made the day or especially the evening so great was my colleagues.... It's mid august and Milan is almost empty so after 19.30 tonight there were double as many workers than customers in the store, so we decided to have some fun. We walked around the store, tried eachothers make up, creams and perfumes and shares samples with eachother. Then we started talking about everything and nothing and new colleagues join the conversations. Maybe it doesn't sound that exiting but I really had a good time, I could have stayed in the store many many more hours... but I had to go home studying.

Rinascente for me is amazing just for that; to meet new people. I get to know new people every day.

Now I'm at home and just had a nice meal of falukorv, egs, vegitables and some toasts. Yam yam. Isn't it wierd how much I like falukorv since I live abroad (god knows what its made of... - don't wanna know). When I lived in Sweden I didn't wanna eat it.

Now I also miss my mum owen-made falukorv :) Time to study, two hours of reading before going to bed!



  1. Joho du brukade laga korvstroganof åt mig! =D

  2. !anna see the two skinny ladys eating korvstroganof together, one spoon each and ur full mohaha


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