Easy Friday evening and Saturday morning

This blog is not overly interesting to read in these days, haha. I'm only studying....

Yesterday after work I went for a icecream drink in a bar close to my work with a colleague. Allowed myself to stay out one hour before I had to rush home to go on with my studies.

I have now started my culture exam and at the moment I'm studying Giovanni Giolitti and his politics in the beginning of the 20th centry. Had never even heard his name before so at least I'm learning something new ;)

Yesterday I went bed at 01.30 when I could no longer keep my eyes open and this morning I went up at 08.30 when the alarm screamed that I have to go back to my essay writing. Sigh.

Soon I'm off to work and tonight I will go stright home after work to try to write at least one more page.


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