Fed up of studying!

I really had enough of this exams now, and I haven't even started with one of them. I'm still going on analysing "la locandiera", "Pinocchio", "Promessi Sposi" etc etc Anyway, tomorrow I will be done with the litteratur exam so I can start working with the culture one. That one should be a bit more in my interest but it's also much longer - 7 looong questions.

Anyway, today was a good night to study as it was raining outside. However, I spent over two hours of my study time on skype with my mum.... hehe.

Now I think I gonna sleep few hours before I need to get up and study again. Funny life ;)

Sharing a new song from Cesare Cremonini tonight. Its been a big success here in Italy this song but I didn't like it in the begining. But now I got used to it and start liking it.

Goeienag people! (good night in south african :)


~ Cesare Cremonini - Mondo ~

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  1. Får tacka för ett långt uppdaterande och underhållande samtal :) :)



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