Fun night @ Old Fashion

Yesterday night I went out with Stephanie (the girl on the left side of me) who works with me for Givenchy) and her friend Zara.

These two guys are their brazilian friends
This is my other colleague Ilaria who works for Clinique.

Yea, that's the gang.... and we managed to have lots of fun and get home far too late...

A night very different from my normal ones but lots of fun.

Now I gonna have a shower and then go to work......


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  1. ÅÅh, älskar folk som reser runt och bloggar om det. vad gjorde du i london i 4 år?
    jag har bott i monaco, och åkte förbi milano en gång, men utanför själva staden såg det gaanska dött ut haha. Vad gör du där borta? ::)


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