I will never ever go back to the political sience school

....it didn't help me at all, actually it just made me furious.

I just have to complain a bit now.... Its a beautiful and old university that is supposed to be one of the best in Italy, but the libary was absolutely crap. Small and EXTREMLY dirty, ish. Well, I tried not to show my fussy side so I waked into the dust starting to search for some books, but there are absolutely no order so it was impossible to find anything....

Walking back to the entrence to the non smiling robots working there (really rude peoole). No, they were busy reading the news paper so they coudln't help. Im lucky a french guy comes up offering to help and we searched together for a while.

I found two books, do u think I can borrow them? No the registration for new users is closed for the summer so I can only read them inside the dirty "sala studio" that close at 2pm. To make photo copies you have to be a student at the uni. JEZEZ CRIST. I was close to exploding.

The nice french guy pops up again and offer me 5 photo copies on his study card if I gave him my numer (no comments). I game him the bloody number, he checked that I gave him the right number and he made 5 photo copies for me... Then I rushed away from that terrible place.

Now I'm a little park with my little netbook, hiding from the frying sun and trying to write something for the exam.

Wish me luck!

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  1. hihihi forlat att jag skrattar men det last sa kul :o)


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