Italian Police 0 - 1 Maria

Power walking to work as usual... It means half running as I'm always almost late. Today I was walking my normal way and suddenly I see that they have closed one of my streets.... I know if I have to walk around I would be late for work for sure so I walk up to the closed street and try to slip beside the fence. An angry police man comes up and says in Italian that the street is closed due to important people visit... Me in proper and fast english "sorry I don't understand..." the police man starts looking a bit nervous and starts stammering something about closed street... Me ; "WHAT!" The police man gives up and says "vai vai ma veloce" (go go but quick). Happily I start jogging up on the closed street, pass some dark window BMW's, guessing its some fake important Italian politics on a visit, donno and don't care. I got to work in time!

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