The end of a lovely week with Johanna

Don't know why I don't manage but to go to bed early is not something I'm good at.... Now it's almost 01am and I'm still awake, sigh.

After work tonight it was very very veeery close that Giose managed to convince me and Johanna to join dancing instead of staying home... We even started decided what to wear but when walking out from Rinascente tonight I just felt I couldn't make it. I was far to sleepy. Instead I took a slow walk home and spent the past two hours talking about life with Johanna.

Now I gonna go to bed. Before I share on of my favourite Italian songs that they also played as the last balade yesterday night, mmmm...

It's been a really good week, didn't want it to end. Hope that next one will be even better :)

Buona notte!!


Ps. Still laughing after reading some of your comments and e-mails tonight..... ;)

~ Ligabue - Ho messo Via ~

1 comment:

  1. A lovely week with Johanna AND someone else maybe.....???????? mohahaha


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