A night @ Rosa

Today passed to quickly... I worked 9-18, 9 long hours but it felt like 3. I worked with a girl from Sephora that's working with us this week, very nice girl. We sold almost nothing and Rinascente was kind of empty but in some kind of way the days flew away...

After work I met Johanna and Samuel and we went out shopping and searching for a present to Francesca - as thanks for borrowing her room. As it was far to hard to find clothes when we neither new what she likes or her size we ended up in Rinascente sponsoring my neighbour competitor Armani buying their latest perfume. Hope she will like it.

Then we met Sofie and Sara and went for aperitivo at Bar rosa. One of my favourite bars but tonight it was empty. Anyway, I drank a sparkling mineral water for 3euro and ate a lovely buffet for that, good deal ;)

Now I gonna watch a movie with a friend. Tomorrow I'm off but don't know what to do yet, guess it depends on the weather...



  1. with a FRIEND???

  2. Väldigt fin, underhållande och utåtriktad blogg! Litet tips bara, du borde sätta upp kategorier så man lättare kan surfa sig runt på de inlägg man är intresserad av.
    -Blogg.se - Lacess


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