Now I know something...

It's 00.32 and I'm on my way to bed. I didn't study as much as I wanted tonight but at least I did some parts. I also prepared the bits I will have to read on my mini holiday tomorrow and tuesday and then on Wednesday I've taken a day off to study all day long!

I just can't wait until the 25th when all this study pain will be over... Have to hand the exams in late evening the 24th so I will celebrate on the 25th for sure!!!

Can u imagne that some time ago I was honestly thinking to go back to school to do my master in economics. I looked at universities in both Sweden, US, UK and Italy and I even ordered material and info from the two that inspired the most - Stockholm's uni and university of california. Now I know that I don't really want to go back to study any more....

Anyway, need to stop talking and go to bed. Getting up in less than 6 hours.... :(


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