RIP Lunarstorm

Lunarstorm (http://www.lunarstorm.se/) was a kind of facebook that started in Sweden when I was... maybe 16 years old? I was a memeber already since the beginning and I spent so many hours and days on that community. Since facebook started obviously less people have been using Lunarstorm but I have been logging in at least once every third month not to loose my account and I always had some nice messages waiting for me there from old friends.

Today it was time for my regulary log in so now when I got home I tried to log on but as soon as I opened the website I realise it's been closed. Don't know since how long but for me it was a chock. It's 'always' been there.... SNYFT! No more Lunarstorm, uffi :(


1 comment:

  1. Haha jag läste också om det.. eller jag tänkte gå in på sidan för o se hur den såg ut i dessa dagar ^^ snyft säger vi till det:P


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