Slept the day away

I wrote yesteday nigth that I didn't feel very well, I was extremly tired and had a sore throat. I went to bed early and felt asleep straight away but I didn't sleep very well. I woke up millions of times and was both sweathing and freezing.

This morning I got up around 9am, had breakfast and watched some crap "The hills" episodes on MTV and then I went back to bed sleeping.

Woke up again at 1pm, ate lunch and watched the new Shrek movie - Shrek forever after. It was quite bad... haha. I didn't even love the first 3 films like everyone else, so I wasn't very surprised that I didn't like the fouth one. But it had good message - try to see all the good you have in life before it's too late!

After the movie I went back to bed and slept another hour. Then I finally felt a bit better so I got up, had a long shower, some self pampering and some nice icecream.

I'm feeling a bit better now. I got fever but just a little bit. I got sore throat, but not a lot. The only thing is that I'm really tired...

Now I'm getting prepared to go out for sushi dinner with Stefii, I need to get out and see the sun light and get some fresh air. We were supposed to go to Bergamo Alta for dinner but as I didn't feel well and she only slept two hours last night we're saving that for another evening.


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