Tripple movie night

Today when I finished working at 7pm Sofie came to pick me up and we walked back to my place together to have a mega movie night. Later on also Sara came over.

When we got home we ate bruschettas and watched movie nr 1 - Obsessed. A quite good movie even if it was funny to see Beyonce swearing in Italian... ;)

Then we put on movie number 2 - Le conseguenze dell'amore / The consequences of love; a movie that got top critics but I thought it was crap. So strange. Didn't even understand everything.

Movie number 3 was - Serendipity. That was a movie I guess I could have liked but I fell asleep...

Now, even if I have all wet hair after the shower I gonna go to bed. I gonna wake up like a poudle but that's a problem I will deal with tomorrow.


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