Van Gogh Café

Yesterday I went for aperitivo at Van Gogh Café, a very artistic and trendy bar close to Sampione Park. I've been recommended the place many times but never been there before, but we immediately liked the place.

Not only that the place was nice and the food was good, the cocktails were amazing. I ordered a un-alcoholic cocktail (as always) made with fresh melon, watermelon, mango, peaches, lemons and forest fruits mixed together with some ice in a mixer. It was soooooo nice!!! And their cocktails were gigantic, look at it, it's bigger than me :)

Johanna's Pina Colada and Samuel's tiny beer in the middle - they all cost the same price!Van Gogh Cafe
Address: Via Agostino Bertani, 2
Area: Sampione
Price: €8


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