Working Sundays

I've asked to work all sundays all autumn but today I realised that I'm not sure that I wanna do that...

I asked to do it for three reasons.... 1. I always work with nice people. 2. I earn 35% more on Sundays. 3. I didn't mind.

But this morning I did mind! I didn't want to go to work when I actually could have stayed in Veneto the whole weekend, or gone away with a friend to one of the lakes. But no no, I had to work. Sigh. Many of my friends works saturdays (like everyone in the fashion industy) but only colleague friends works Sundays the rest are off and always do funny things together.


Time to study, only today and tomorrow left then I'm free. Even if I don't think I will pass the bloody political exam :(



  1. ke bella ke sei patatina piccolina

  2. You're nice babe!


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