Abercrombie perfume

Matteo and I looking a bit freeky.

I'm so tired. Ended up going to bed very late yesterday nigth and this morning before 9am Matteo walked in (he will be staying in my place for few days) starting talking about deep things and sprayed my whole room with Abercrombie perfume. Then he left for school (he's starting a master at Bocconi this week) and I was already exhausted, all I wanted was to go back to bed....

I've opened all the windows in the flat but the perfume he sprayed is not getting away. Donno what to do. One thing is clear, Abercrombie didn't manage to do a nice perfume, but they did manage to do it extremly resistant and also very strong, unfortunately.

So now both my flatmate Luisa and my new room-mate Matteo are having the Abercrombie perfumes, I'm a lucky girl ehh... ;)



  1. Looks like a nice perfume to own too. Will gonna try it. :)
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