Looking like this I'm now on my way out to see valentina, that I haven't seen in more than a month time. Looking forward some catch up girl talk :)

Afterwards I'm meeting Alessandro. It's not a blind date so you can stop e-mailing and ask about that ;) It's a guy I met at the beach club last Friday, but I can admit that I hardly remember how he looks like, even if I know we were dancing for quite a while. A bit embarrassing.

Now you Italian friends will wonder why I said yes to this date when I normally always say no.... well, the answer is that I feel got nothing to loose. Among all these idiots in this town maybe there is a star, who knows? So my new rule is never say no! =D



  1. Looking lovely :)

    Finns en bok om en kille (komiker) som beslöt sig säga JA till allt. Sann och bra bok till skillnad mot filmen den inspirerade.

    Emaila om daten :)

  2. allora domani sera esci con me piccola stella. Deciso. Non puoi dirmi di no ahah
    Bacio di buona notte


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