Why I don't trust Italian men...?

Yesterday evening Giose brought up the discussion why I don't trust Italian guys. And it's true, I really find it hard to trust Italian men! I know it's awful, it is almost discrimination to say that just because they are men and they are born in Italy I don't take their words 100% seriously. I listen to what they say, I take it in but in some kind of way I don't believe big parts of it.

When I put it like that I also, abvisouly has to explain why. And the ture answer is that I actually don't really know, but it has to do with the experiences I had in the past, stories I heard and movies I've seen....

I really think Italian men can be very extremely charming, romantic and lovely but I've met too many idiots and liers on my way that I really find it hard to trust new people I meet. I've been told I don't give people a fair chance and maybe iit's true. I know I need to risk to be able to win. I need to open up and let people in to be able prove to myself that I'm wrong. But the fact that two of the guys that have hurt me the most in life have been two lying Italians doesn't really make it very easy...

If I decide to stay in Italy I know I need to change my attitude against Italian men. I am meeting and getting to know so many nice people here in Milan, so maybe it is time for me to break my hard wall I'm keeping up and give them a chance. A third chance...


~ Eminem & Rihanna~ Love the way you lie ~
Love love love this song. The Eminem I once adored is back with lots of good music!! :)


  1. ja italianos ar ju inte direkt kanda for att vara de basta killarna direkt mrn snygga e de hihi :o)

  2. ja italianos ar ju inte direkt kanda for att vara de basta killarna direkt mrn snygga e de hihi :o)

  3. Man maste vaga for att vinna! Var inte radd for karleken, det ar det basta som finns. Det starkaste vi manniskor kan na.

    Love your blog!

  4. Deep words babe but im not surprised. U looked amazing together with ur italian mini man but obviously he wasnt good for u. Well, like the girls already said u have to believe its easy. U have all those guys waiting for u, choose and shoot. Mohahah

  5. Se ci hai creduto una volta lo rifarai!! Non siamo tutti stronzi, ti giuro piccolina.

    Ti ho visto ieri sera al'old ma eri un pochetino impegnata ;)

  6. Hahahaha my opinion about Italian men you already know, never ever am I going out with an Italian ;)

    1. Better for us italians... we never we would go out with such boring and naif people. .
      As regards italian liars: are they stupid or not?
      I think it s much more stupid who believes them:)
      If you cannot recognize a liar from a honest person it is your problem.. and if your solution is to avoid all the people of that natinality.. it means that is better you close yourself at home...

  7. You are right, sweetheart, never trust Italian men, they are just liars, nothing else.

  8. you are right Sweet one, Dont EVER trust Italians Men and women too. Maybe it seems like discrimination but its going to save your life. There maybe some good Italainsnthat you can trust but not many and its not woth the risk. The reason is that in Italy lying and been cunning are send as virtues not as something wrong, so people here have a value system that is not like non italians have. The code of silence when they see a crime or see a man cheating and lying thats normal for them. Now if you were Italian then no problem you would understand the rules of the game and if you marry then younknow what to expect from your man, and maybe you cheat on him too, it normal right?
    No its not, your life as a foreigner will become a nightmare. Run now while you can.
    when I came to Italy 11 years ago I ws a happy successful healthy romantic trusting person with and open heart I fell in love with Italy and its surface charms. and it destroyed me, the aitalin man I married who said he was different with such an open mind, turned out to be a lying cheating cruel person who got fun out of abusing me, him and his cafone family who I loved they played with me like a cat plays with a mouse.
    Now im trapped here trying to divorce this monster in an Italin legal system that is rotten and broken where there is no justice. I will leave Italy with no money (after earning a lot) no house which I payed for, my health and heart broken, but a have my life at least I will start again much more wary.
    I can do this because I am determined not to let these basturds kill me, I can do this because I never had a child with this man, if I did I would have to leave without my child. as has happened to my friends.
    This is just me you say, no my dear, ALL my foreign friends who are women here have had similar experiences and run away from this place to scared to look back over the shoulder. Run my dear run before you fall in love. Itsly is great for a long holiday, Italy is great if you can have enough money to be independent here and meet some lovely men from other nations who are also visiting here on holiday, but dont fall into the trap here its very hard to get out many dont.
    at the moment in Italy the commorra have been taken over by a female mafia boss, she is worse than her males before her. They are desttoying society and they are in the state and government, they are everywhere even Milan. keep your eyes open my dear.
    By the way I love your blog is really nice,well done.

    feel free to email me if I can help you with houses, work etc from my contacts I live in Como and am often in Milan.
    Be safe, stay happy

    1. If you are so stupid it' s not italians' blame.. your singular case it s not the reality.. thanks god in the world there are much better people than the idiots who write in this blog.
      Try to study and read in order to understand how many things Europe stole from italian culture.
      I never read so many poor retard people as in this blog..

  9. Anonymous- your very brave to tell your experience because it is SO SO painfully close to the truth.
    italians are cunning, deceitful and conceited. Don't believe it, go and live there for at least 3 or 4 months.

  10. I did. I lived in Milan for almost four years and I guess if I would have written the blog post today I would had expressed myself differently.
    However, unfaithfulness is nowadays part of the Italian culture even if obviously there are cases of good Italian men too! :-)

  11. Racism at its finest. Wow.

  12. I bet you have been dating a "terrone". We also hate them, for 'we' I mean 'normal' Italians

  13. I totally agree with you my friend

  14. Never trust Italian. Or someday you can end up like passengers of Costa Concordia.

  15. Agree! Bad experience with an Italian I met online. Long distance as we were continents apart. He couldn't talk about anything else other than sex. His English was so bad that I had to learn his language - things i did for him! In the end, the bastard was cheating on me with an Asian. Learnt my lesson but having said that, I am sure, like any other culture, there are good Italian men out there, just not for me.


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