Kinder milk Brioss

Am I getting too italian when this sweet crapy thing is part of my breakfast?? ;)

However italians eat only one of these with a coffee while my breakfast consists of yogurt with kelogs K, two toats, tea and orange juice, plus this one as a dessert of the breakfast, yam yam. All Valentinas fault ;)

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  1. I remember when my first flat mate in London (from Italy) was going to make me a real italian breakfast...

    I was really looking forward to it and imagined parma ham and fresh bread. But then he turned up with a latte, a croissant and a chocolate bar.

    I was abut to die! The latte was lovely though :)

    Have a wonderful day princess!

  2. Chris Mc Harold05/09/2010, 11:37

    italians might be famous for their food but not for their breakfast. They believe in a light breakfast and heavy dinner. Souu wrong.

    Nice blog and you're beautiful.


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