September = Summer or Autumn?

Is September a summer or autumn month?

The other day I read on a friend's blog that she was out for a lovely autumn walk, it was still August! August for sure must be a summer month, right?

I would say the spring months are April and May.
The summer months are June, july, August and September.
Autumn months are October and November.
And then the winter months are (unfortunately) December, January, February and March.

I remember that in London, normally the nicest months of the year were June and September. In September we were walking around in summer clothes while in August it was mostly raining and it was cold.

Yea, now I'm sure! September is still a summer month and I won't take out my autumn and winter jumpers yet. I refure! But I can admit that also here in Milan the evenings are getting chilly :(



  1. assa september e val kanske en sommarmanad men har i london ar det svinkallt sa kanns som host snyfft :o(

  2. For once I agree with Miss Andersson, August in Sweden is the one and only autumn month, now it's September and the winter will start any day soon. Depressing for real. And then the winter stays until May. Don't come back here babe, I will come to u instead, mohaha.


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