Sport jippo's in town

Today on my way to work I ended up being part of both a table football game (that I lost) and a ping pong game (that I won).

It was like a sport event where everyone could play table football, chess, ping pong and do different gym exercises. Everything was lovated on the nice 'Corso Vittorio Emanuele'. Too bad it was 30 degrees hot and to play ping pong in the sun was extremly exhausting. Don't even wanna think about the running competitions people had on running maschines.... Puh.

Anyway, I'm the ping pong master!

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1 comment:

  1. Vad kul:D

    Jaa, det är hårt men det är så himla kul!..Event pratar jag om nu alltså, haha.

    Oj ja från ekonomi till beauty, i mina ögon är det nog ett upphopp ;) lite roligare så att säga!


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